Clinical Pharmacokinetics Laboratory
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Clinical Pharmacokinetics Laboratory

Clinical pharmacokinetics (PK) laboratory of BOC Sciences is specialized in in vivo PK study for drug candidates, which aims to establish a system to objectively assess the influence of pathological and clinical factors on the pharmacokinetics of certain drugs, and the possibility of clinical application. With the help of our team of experts, various PK study can be designed to meet different needs of customers.

Our Services

BOC Sciences conducts clinical PK studies to demonstrate the drug ADME processes in the body over time through the analysis of biological samples and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modeling data. BOC Sciences also cooperates with professional clinical research institutions for further PK studies. Our PK laboratory provide the following services:

  • Pharmacokinetic modeling for compartmental analysis of drug candidates
  • The analysis of ADME properties of drug candidates
  • The analysis and detection of trace drugs and metabolites in biological samples
  • Pharmacokinetic screening for new drug development
  • The bioavailability and bioequivalence studies of drug candidates

Service Process

  • Customer provides candidate compound information (structure, purity, solubility, etc.)
  • Experimental project design
  • PK testing according to the confirmed protocol
  • The analysis of experimental data and report writing

Our Advantages

  • Experienced team of experts for PK studies
  • Advanced equipment
  • Standardization process for clinical PK research and drug screening
  • Cooperation with professional clinical research institutions
  • Customization of new drug development from virtual screening to clinical PK study

Clinical Pharmacokinetics Laboratory