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BOC Sciences is a company focused on R&D and providing high-quality scientific compounds and services. When the new crown epidemic is raging, BOC Sciences is committed to helping prevent and control the epidemic, providing COVID-19 capabilities and COVID-19 testing services for relevant research institutions, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and individuals.

The Story of COVID-19

Since 2020, the COVID-19 virus has been wreaking havoc around the world, and in less than a year, this virus has hit almost every country and region in the world, causing a great impact. Faced with this challenge, countries around the world took various measures, including blocking cities, closing borders, and imposing social quarantines, to deal with the spread of the epidemic. With the introduction of a vaccine, the epidemic has been somewhat mitigated in some countries, but infection in other regions remains complex and uncertain. the long-term and global nature of the COVID-19 epidemic has given this event an unprecedented and far-reaching impact, causing people to rethink how we think about health and public health, and leading to many breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine in a short period of time.

The Importance of COVID-19 Research Support

Effective virus testing is critical to maintaining public health and safety. Since the first reported case of COVID-19, testing has been one of the most important strategies to control the spread of the virus.

A vaccine is one of the most important tools to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Scientists and physicians are urgently developing a vaccine for COVID-19 worldwide, which requires extensive research and testing support. By analyzing the genomic composition of the virus and studying appropriate vaccines and drugs, scientists have promoted different vaccines and are testing the efficacy and safety of these vaccines through a variety of methods.

Epidemiological studies of COVID-19 can provide a better understanding of how the virus is transmitted.

The development of innovative technologies is an important aspect of progress in COVID-19 research and testing support.


BOC Sciences' COVID-19 Research Support Services

BOC Sciences offers a highly accurate, sensitive and speedy strategy for the determination of COVID-19. The strategy uses medical-surgical grade RT-qPCR technology to detect RNA from SARS-CoV-2 virus. BOC Sciences' laboratory facilities are equipped with advanced and efficient virus detection equipment and assay tools for the detection of viruses in samples. BOC Sciences' COVID-19 assay service is available for many different sample types, such as whole blood, serum, saliva, upper respiratory specimens and oropharyngeal swabs.

BOC Sciences provides COVID-19 viral capsid proteins S1 and S2 isolation, SARS-CoV-2 vaccine study, SARS-CoV-2 N520K variant detection, COVID-19 rapid antigen detection and peptide synthesis (SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibody), and other COVID-19 capability support services. All these services can help researchers and physicians to better understand the nature and development pattern of the new crown virus and better respond to the challenges of the new crown epidemic and disease.

BOC Sciences' Advantages in COVID-19

  1. Years of Experience - BOC Sciences has many years of experience in drug research and development and has built an extensive network of customers and partners worldwide. This allows BOC Sciences to leverage its experience and resources to provide efficient and reliable COVID-19 capabilities and COVID-19 testing services.
  2. Extensive resources - BOC Sciences has comprehensive laboratory equipment and technical support to perform a wide range of assays from genomics, proteomics, and chemistry, which allows BOC Sciences to offer multiple assay services that can be customized to meet the needs of different clients.
  3. Professional Skills - BOC Sciences has an experienced and highly qualified team of professional testers who are able to provide methods for COVID-19 related assays and quantitative services, including PCR assays, ELISA, etc., thus improving the reliability and accuracy of the assays.
  4. Comprehensive Services - BOC Sciences provides one-stop services, including providing a full set of assay and quantification methods, means, and detailed assay and analysis reports, and the team also assists customers in solving problems encountered in COVID-19 testing and provides corresponding advice and guidance.
  5. Customer Service - BOC Sciences always takes the customer as the center and provides attentive, considerate and efficient service based on efficient communication.

Customers can choose the appropriate service according to their needs and requirements and communicate and consult with BOC Sciences' scientific team.