Pharmaceutics Laboratory
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Pharmaceutics Laboratory

BOC Sciences has professional pharmaceutics laboratory to provide related services for pharmaceutical preparation study. With the help of our expert team, the well-equipped laboratories are capable of conducting various pharmaceutical research according to the needs of customers.

Our Services

Pharmaceutical preparation study includes a series of processes and technologies. BOC Sciences offers a virtual screening technology to find potential active compounds and select appropriate dosage forms based on the physical, chemical and biological properties, as well as the goal of therapeutic management of APIs. According to the dosage forms and stability test, drug formulation and processing are determined and optimized up to standard. The quality and stability research plays an important role in formulation study, providing a reference for drug quality control. The pharmaceutics laboratory also conducts production and packaging research based on good manufacturing practice guidelines to evaluate manufacturing quality and packaging compatibility.

Pharmaceutics Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Preparation Technology

  • Ingredient Dispensing/Formulation
  • Powder Blending
  • Wet/Dry Granulation
  • Drying
  • Compression/Encapsulation
  • Coating
  • Packaging/Warehousing Operations

Formulation Technology Platforms

Our pharmaceutics laboratory offers multiple novel formulation technology platforms to meet the different needs of customers. These platforms are committed to developing new formulations to improve the therapeutic efficacy, drug repurposing, and APIs that are difficult for clinical application.

  • Sustained/Controlled-released Technology
  • Transdermal Delivery System (TDDS) Technology
  • Novel Drug Carrier Technology for Biopharmaceutics
  • Transmucosal Delivery System Technology
  • Novel Injection Technology

Our Advantages

  • Experienced team of experts for preclinical research
  • Advanced equipment
  • Standardization process for pharmaceutical preparation study
  • Leading formulation technology platform
  • Meeting your specific requirements for study objectives, budget and time