GMP-based Clinical Sample Production & Packaging
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GMP-based Clinical Sample Production & Packaging

BOC Sciences has established a GMP-compliant preparation workshop with advanced equipment and complete functions to provide corresponding drug production and packaging services for clinical trial research.

Technology and Equipment

  • Raw material micronization technology - reduce drug particle size, improve dissolution and bioavailability
  • High-precision balance weighing cover - precision weighing
  • High shear mixing - suitable for high viscosity rheological materials
  • Wet granulation technology and dry granulation technology - extrusion granulation technology, high-speed mixing granulation technology, fluidized bed granulation technology, spray drying granulation technology, rotary granulation technology
  • Drying technology - fluidized bed drying technology, oven drying
  • Rapid granulation equipment - fast granulation and good effect
  • Tablet technology - high-speed tablet press
  • Capsule filling machine - can fill granules, powder or pellets at the same time
  • High-efficiency coating machine - tablet, pill, pellet, small pill, water pill, dripping pill, granule pill making, etc.
  • Packaging

Clinical Sample Production Services

We currently have the flexibility to manufacture different batches of formulations, including liquid capsules, powder filling in sachets, oral liquids and topical semi-solids.

Our Production Capacity

  • GMP manufacturing facility in compliance with EMEA and NMPA requirements
  • Provide the required product packaging options for clinical single-blind and double-blind trials
  • Meet the needs of simultaneous production of different products and ensure the smooth progress of clinical trials
  • GMP production of hygroscopic and light-sensitive compounds possible
  • Timely delivery, wide delivery range

Clinical Sample Packaging Service

According to different sample types, it includes the following categories:

  • Syringe
  • Vials and Ampoules
  • Blister
  • Tube
  • Bottle
  • Pouch
  • Sachet
  • Kit
  • Others

From clinical phase I, which requires limited quantity packaging, to clinical phase III, which requires commercial-scale packaging, we can provide a range of options for our customers' clinical trial packaging needs. We provide efficient and flexible packaging services for clinical drugs, ensuring that the main packaging of products with different packaging doses at different clinical stages can meet the specifications.

Our Advantages

  • Flexible service to meet different clinical sample packaging needs.
  • The packaging is produced efficiently, reducing waste of time and resources.

Quality Management System

BOC Sciences' quality management system strictly complies with regulatory requirements.

Our Advantages:

  • Comply with NMPA and EMA regulations
  • Perfect quality management system
  • Experienced quality management team

BOC Sciences can provide advanced clinical manufacturing services in compliance with current GMP standards as well as clinical manufacturing packaging services. The design and construction of BOC Sciences' GMP production workshop is carried out in strict accordance with the current standards, with a high-standard quality system, flexible production, and can effectively meet the requirements of global regulations for preparation production facilities, ensuring product quality is stable and reliable, suitable for use Preparation of samples for clinical research. BOC Sciences can provide different types of clinical production packaging services according to the different requirements of customers. BOC Sciences' GMP-grade clinical sample production and packaging provide a strong impetus for customers to carry out generic drug R&D, inspection, and stability studies, as well as new drug clinical stage R&D, production, packaging, inspection, and stability studies.