In Vitro ADME Screening
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In Vitro ADME Screening

The development of high-quality new drugs is considered a long and expensive process due to safety and efficacy. In vitro ADME screening of compounds is a cost-effective strategy to facilitate drug development. For example, in vitro studies can provide fast, accurate and relevant data compared to animal tests. In addition, in vitro testing can predict mutagenic factors and mechanisms of action of medicinal chemical toxicity. In general, in vitro ADME screening generates large amounts of data to solve various ADME problems at different stages of drug discovery and development, thereby avoiding development errors and reducing investment risks as early as possible. Preclinical in vitro screening mainly includes two steps: identifying the basic biological properties of the test sample using different test samples and using more complex drug testing techniques. These tests generally divided into several categories, such as microbiological, fungal testing, tissue culture, teratogenicity, cytotoxicity, tissue sensitivity, and sperm analysis. BOC Sciences' experienced ADME experts are dedicated to designing tailored screening cascades and in vitro studies to support early evaluation of compounds. We have the ability to provide industrialized high-throughput ADME screening and analysis services for multiple compound screening.

In Vitro ADME Screening

Our Capabilities

  • CYP Inhibition Screening
  • CYP Induction Screening
  • Metabolic Stability Screening
  • Cell Permeability Screening
  • Plasma Protein Binding Screening
  • Transporter Inhibition Screening
  • Medium-throughput Screening

BOC Sciences' ADME screening platform can effectively reduce the client's lead compound candidate range and obtain useful preliminary assay data. Our advanced and powerful medium-throughput screening design platform meets regulatory quality requirements to accelerate our clients' preclinical research progress. We are capable of screening services against a variety of diseases and candidate compounds simultaneously. Our data analysts help clients easily identify which compounds can be prioritized for investigation based on expert data screening.

  • High-throughput Screening

As a powerful and useful tool for early drug discovery, high-throughput screening (HTS) significantly increases the probability of success clinical trials. By prioritizing the ADME characteristics of candidate compounds, the high-throughput screening platform of BOC Sciences supports the centralized screening of lead compounds with high cost-effectiveness and repeatability. Our high-throughput ADME analysis improves the likelihood of success and overall quality of candidate compounds, thereby shortening the drug development turnaround times.

Our Advantages

  • Repeatable Data
  • Large-Scale Screening Capabilities
  • Fast Screening And Short Turnaround Time
  • Custom Solutions And Analytical Design
  • Cost-Effective

With extensive experience in drug discovery and development, BOC Sciences can provide a comprehensive range of in vitro ADME screening services with high cost-effectiveness and reproducibility. We can also provide customized ADME screening design services for global customers. Please contact us to learn more about our services.